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Share the Love of Quilting with Family

Heirloom Quilts - Cotton Boll Quilting and Fabric ShopQuilting, from its very beginnings, was a social art that brought women together to share one another’s company while combining their creative energies. Today there are 27 million quilters in the United States alone. Of those, 90% quilt for their family and friends. Though a challenging and time consuming hobby, quilting can also be rewarding and a great outlet for personal creativity.

Sewing, like no other art, lends itself to family participation. Many an avid quilter was first introduced to the art by her mother or grandmother and young children often learn the concept of sewing by threading yarn through pre-punched holes in felt or cardboard.

However, with the changing dynamics and time constraints on today’s families, there are many who have an interest in sewing and quilting but no one in their family to teach them how. Fortunately there are dozens of videos and other web based tutorials hosted by  talented quilters. Anyone with the patience and the desire can use these resources to learn to quilt.

Quilting as a family is a great way to stay close and share a common interest. Some families gather often to quilt, making special heirloom gifts for weddings and births. Others create memory quilts from individual squares that represent fond recollections or important family events. Photos can be printed on fabric to create a family-tree quilt, while remnants of a prom gown, bridesmaid dress or a vacation t-shirt can be quilted into a special treasured memento.

Make quilting a family event by including children and family members as they become interested. Family quilting is a great way to keep grown children close and create bonds with new in-laws.

Some family groups use their sewing talents to make the world a better place. There are plenty of organizations who are happy to accept a families creative efforts. Handmade quilts are currently being collected for service men and women, and countries in crisis. Local shelters are always in need of baby and toddler quilts, as are children's hospitals and ambulance services.

Susan and Carla from Cotton Boll Quilting know the benefits of family quilting first hand. They share a love of fabric and sewing with their mother and sisters. Visit their online shopping page and check out the beautiful quilts on their gallery page. They also offer long arm quilting service to take your quilt top to the next level.

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