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Three Top Fabric Designers

Cotton Boll Quilting is proud to spotlight three fabric designers who are changing the face of the fabric industry. Each is a skilled artisan, and each is has a unique personality and background. We are proud to carry their products.

Ricky Tims

Ricky Tims Designer Fabrics at Cotton Boll QuiltingIf you met Ricky on the streets of his home town of La Veta, Colorado, you might guess he’s a local rancher or maybe a country singer, but you probably wouldn’t realize that Ricky is a top international quilting expert. Chosen as one of the most influential persons in the quilting industry by Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in 2009, Ricky uses his wit and his music (he is in fact a singer, pianist, composer and music arranger) to teach people how to expand their creativity and cultivate self-expression.

His fabrics have been described as traditional with a contemporary appeal. They have a rich depth of color, and a multi-tonal quality we love. Check out our collection of Ricky Tims solid fabrics, and see how beautifully they coordinate with his rainbow hued prints.

McKenna Ryan

McKenna Ryan Fabric Designer - Cotton Boll QuiltsMcKenna has always felt a strong connection with nature. As a child, she designed her own original art work with the driftwood, rocks and wildflowers she found around her home. She was an adult working in the corporate world when she first discovered her passion for quilting and designing fabric. McKenna started her company, Pine Needles, in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, which she later relocated to Bainbridge Island, Washington. Her company tag line, “Simply Beautiful…Beautifully Simple” describes her attitude toward fabric design perfectly.

Cotton Boll carries the McKenna Ryan Signature collection of batiks because we love how she manages to incorporate the shapes and shades of garden flowers, cool ponds and other delights of nature into refreshing fabrics that are almost too lovely to cut. We know you’re going to adore them too.

Paula Nadelstern

Paula Nadelstern Fabric Designer - Cotton Boll FabricsIf you chose one word to describe Paula’s work that word would be Kaleidoscope, a chaos of color and design falling into a chance linking of order and symmetry. This is also the word Paula uses to describe the inspiration for her fabrics and quilt patterns. Born, raised and still working in the Bronx, Paula feels there is a delightful paradox to her life. Quilting is frequently connected with rural farm life, but her ultra-urban city is anything but traditional. New York provides both the benefits of an almost constant stream of inspiration and the trial of severe space constraints. Still, Paula loves it.

We at Cotton Boll adore the combination of controlled, balance with the shock of color and form that explodes from these fabrics. There is a fascination that comes from these complex fabrics that we think you will appreciate too.

Explore our online catalogue to see fabrics from these designers and more, and visit often to see the newest fabrics we’ve found.

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